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It’s an exciting time for sustainable technologies in agriculture.

Consumers, farmers and governments are unified in their desire for food and fibre products that are produced to high standards in quality and safety, and have minimal impact on the environment.

Terragen is an agricultural company which manufactures and sells biological products. We are well-placed to take advantage of the rapidly emerging trends by mainstream agriculture towards biological products which improve the productivity and sustainability of farming systems.

Terragen has a proud scientific heritage with an impressive depth of in-house expertise.  Our team has identified and genetically sequenced beneficial microbes, then combined them in consortia to develop products which have a positive effect on animal and soil production systems.  Many years of testing in the laboratory, as well as university and farm trials, have led to two commercial products: MYLO®, an animal feed supplement; and Great Land Plus®,  a soil conditioner.  

In our dedicated production and research facility, Terragen maintains a high level of control on product standards and is developing new products as we focus on providing powerful natural solutions to some of the major challenges facing farmers. 

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