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It’s an exciting time for biotechnologies in agriculture.

The way that farming has been done for the past century is beginning to show its limits.

Soils are being degraded. Fields require more and more chemical fertiliser to maintain their output. Antibiotic resistance in livestock continues to rise. At the same time, our understanding of microbiomes and their potential to revolutionise farming is just entering mainstream awareness.

Organic and chemical-free products have found a premium position in the market.

Farmers, governments and the public are unified in their desire for high-quality, natural products that are produced safely and sustainably.

Terragen Biotech is a company focused on creating powerful natural solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing farmers today. We’ve spent the last two years formalising a rigorous, science-based approach to microbiome research and development that offers numerous benefits for organic, chemical-free and conventional farming practices. Over the next year, multiple products will be concluding their research and development phase and entering commercial production. We recently opened a dedicated research and production facility that will accelerate new development and vastly increase our ability to bring products to market. We stand now on the cusp of a revolution as profound as the chemical fertiliser revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Terragen Biotech is ideally placed to be a driving force in unlocking a new future for farming.

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